Today is Global Accessibility Day

Today is Global Accessibility Day

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
Take the opportunity to talk, learn, and teach about accessibility, and then keep it going….
Just think what it would be like to not be able to view your favorite website, or course.
Change your life and hopefully someone else’s by taking one hour to try accessibility at:

Some quick accessibility fixes

Some quick accessibility fixes

Adjust the color contrast (the ratio between the foreground and background). The minimum contrast ratio for general use is 4.5:1. If you are using text over 18pt or 14pt bold, the minimum contrast ratio is 3:1. Low vision requires a ratio of 7:1.

For websites:
First, if you’re using Google Chrome browser, add the Color Contrast Analyzer extension. It’s simple to use: click the icon on the toolbar and choose the evaluation level.

If you are not using Chrome, there are many color contrast websites where you can test your sites/courses.

For courses:
There are many sites where you can test your courses.

Chart of contrast minimums: contrast minimums.docx

Use sans-serif fonts, such as Verdana, Helvetica or Arial.

Change your color palettes so that those with low vision or color blindness can see the site. Check out the following sites: and

Add alt-text to your images. This is text to provide a clear text alternative of the image for screen reader users. Be sure to describe exactly what the image is. For example, in the image below, it would not be sufficient to use an alt-text of dog. The proper alt-text should be German Shepherd dog jumping over a pole jump on an agility course.

German Shepherd dog jumping over a pole jump on an agility course.
German Shepherd dog jumping over a pole jump on an agility course.

Make buttons and clickable links large enough for low vision users and those that are unable to point accurately.

Yikes! I’ve started a blog.

Yikes! I’ve started a blog.

Hey everyone! I’m Nancy. I’m a master’s degree candidate at Mizzou. What’s Mizzou? You football fans out there I’m sure you know that it’s short for University of Missouri. I had no idea of its nickname until I started there. Sorry Mizzou, I was a Badger before a Tiger. Now, I wear Tiger garb!

Anyway, I will be graduating soon with a degree in Instructional Technologies and Design. I’m also specializing in accessibility, something so near and dear to my heart. Since 18 months old I have gone to the ophthalmologist and have worried about my vision loss. I am so fortunate to be able to have access to all websites, software, and learning, and want everyone to have the same access.

Over the last year and a half I have explored and learned so much. I wish I had started my blog at the start of my journey but my goal now is to try to recap some of the cool things I’ve learned and to bring you along on the rest of my journey. I hope y’all learn a bit of something and you share with me too.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the journey!